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We look forward to welcoming the Oceana Group to Unlock the Stock. Join hosts Mark Tobin and The Finance Ghost as we unpack this potential investment share with the executive team.


About the Oceana Group:

The Oceana Group is a global fishing and food processing company with a strong, experienced management team, and businesses that operate across the full value-chain, which includes catching or procuring, processing, distributing, and selling. 

It is Africa’s largest fishing company with a history dating back over 105 years. It has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) for over 75 years, as well as being listed on the Namibian (NSX) and A2X stock exchanges. Oceana has nearly 4,000 employees based across South Africa, Namibia, and the United States. The Group operates 54 vessels and 8 production facilities across three countries on two continents, selling products to customers in 41 countries.